Cellular Web App Development With JQuery Cellular – Benefits, Drawbacks & Alternatives

As the name indicates, jQuery Cellular is a touch-optimized structure designed based on jQuery library. It allows developers to create mobile web programs for major mobile systems like Android os, iOS, Ms windows Phone and Blackberry mobile phones. The designers can further use the structure to create cell phone programs using widely used requirements like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AJAX. At the same time, jQuery Cellular is designed with features to help designers to create mobile web programs without composing longer lines of rule. However, each programmer still needs to evaluate medical of jQuery Cellular, along with knowing its solutions.


JQuery Cellular facilitates many mobile systems and gadgets. At noted earlier, it facilitates several popular mobile systems including Android os, iOS, Ms windows Phone and Blackberry mobile phones. Furthermore, it also facilitates several cellular phones with varying display sizes and resolutions. So the structure causes it to be much simpler for developers to create cross-platform mobile app without composing rule for particular gadgets and operating-system. They are also not required to create changes to rule according to the monitor size and resolution of individual gadgets.

While creating local mobile app, developers have to use a particular programming language. For instance, they have to use Swift or Objective-C for developing programs for iPhone, iPad and iPod contact. JQuery allows designers to create mobile web programs using open and commonly-used requirements like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AJAX. The widely used web technologies create it simpler for designers to produce a wide range of programs without putting extra persistence.

Nowadays designers have to create customized styles to create the mobile app look different and attractive. JQuery Cellular causes it to be much simpler for designers to create customized styles using the ThemeRoller. In addition to allowing user to download customized styles, ThemeRoller further allows them to change their look simply by dragging and dropping colours. They can further deliver polished visuals by availing the box-shadow and text-shadow properties of CSS3.

JQuery Cellular further helps developers to personalize type controls, website layouts, website panels, headers and footers. So they can manipulate various elements of a website according to the requirements of the client. Furthermore, they can also apply the CSS-based transition effects involved in the structure to personalize type submission and website links through AJAX.

While planning cell phone programs, enterprises have to consider the process of getting acceptance from various app stores. Many organizations find it challenging to get their programs involved in The apple company App Store. But jQuery includes the virtues of individual environments. As the structure contains the virtue of The apple company App Store, the designers can easily obtain acceptance from The apple company. Thus, jQuery Cellular causes it to be much simpler for companies to launch and promote their programs. At the same time, it allows designers to focus on the application’s functionality and efficiency without worrying about the acceptance process.


The efficiency of mobile web programs designed using jQuery differs across web browsers and gadgets. Many developers have highlighted the programs perform slower on Android os working system and Chrome. But the same programs run faster on iOS gadgets. Also, the jQuery programs cannot outperform local mobile programs in the category of speed.

Many customers feel that the programs designed using jQuery look almost identical. Some customers even feel that the design of the jQuery programs is not enhanced for tablets and other gadgets with larger display. So many companies have to deploy seasoned UI designers to create the mobile web programs different and appealing.

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