Here are 8 Tips for Choosing Low Watt AC

121-jual ac murahThe air around us is getting hotter every day. That’s why many people then want to install air conditioning in his home. But sometimes there is still a fear of electric bills jumped up. That’s why then many are looking for low wattage AC (small electric power). Then how to know the AC that saves electricity?

1. Check the watts
You can see from the specifications of AC products that how much electricity consumption. For AC 1/2 PK the wattage range is between 300 to 400 watts. So you can compare between one AC with the other AC, whichever is lower power consumption.
If for example you are reluctant to do so, the easiest way in the store “jual ac” you can ask which air conditioner has the smallest wattage. That way you will be directed to several brands AC.

2. Inverter or not
AC that uses an inverter, the electrical power is lower because when this electronic product sucked electricity will try to stabilize it from time to time. So that the final consumption of electricity required to be lower.

3. Energy ratio
This one counts njlimet because you have to compare between watt AC with Btu / h. When the higher energy ratio is known, the AC is theoretically more economical.
For example for Panasonic AC 1/2 Pk with 320 watts it’s ratio can reach 15.63. Indeed for this calculation it is necessary to calculate it. But if you really want to search in detail, you can use this formula in order to know what the exact ratio of AC.

4. Avoid turning on the AC immediately after power off
In addition to the selection of air conditioners that have low electrical wattage, note also how to use the AC. This AC usage behavior will affect electricity consumption and durability of AC when in use.
For example when you just turn off the AC, you should not turn it on again. Wait about 5 minutes before you can turn it on. Because if you directly turn it on this will make the compressor work harder so it becomes less durable.

5. Close always air-conditioned room
When the AC is turned on try to always close the room. Because once the room is open, then the AC will “work hard” back to lower the room temperature. As a result, the electric power straw will be higher.
Therefore as much as possible the air-conditioned room is always closed. If you open the door, try to immediately close it again.

6. Routine service AC
Performance of an air conditioner depends on its maintenance. The better the treatment, then this air conditioner will work optimally. Therefore, every 3-4 months seklai AC this needs to be in-service so that the dirt can be cleaned dirt.

7. Avoid smoking in air-conditioned rooms
Why? Because the Ac will be dirt faster and dusty so you also need to do more frequent maintenance. If not, AC will work abnormally or more extravagant electricity.

8. Set the temperature as needed
The cooler the AC temperature setting, the greater the power required. Therefore simply turn on the air conditioner as in the temperature 25-26 degrees Celsius. The temperature is sufficient to make the room temperature cool.

That’s a number of tips for choosing a power-saving AC. If for place “jual ac murah“, many choices. You just choose according to your budget and your ability.

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