Quick Statistics That Expose Developers’ Really like Event With Android

Ever since Apple presented the idea of smart phone to the world, iOS growth has experienced a prominent position in cellular app marketplaces globally. However Android’s meteoric rise in the the past couple of decades has seriously pushed this supremacy. Late last season, in one of their reviews, Forrester Analysis expected that the app growth would be a tremendous 38 billion dollars cash this season. As the season is all set to hit its 7th 30 days, it seems nothing can be more true because with each day, the Android operating system companies are only getting strength.

According to a study by Worldwide Data Organization (IDC), the proportion of the sell for Android operating system was 78 % in 2013 which achieved an amazing 80.2 % by the end of 2014. Its current discuss of the marketplace now surpasses 85 %. As far as Designer Mindshare (how designers understand cellular platforms) is concerned, currently 71 % of globally cellular designers use Android’s system to create their programs. At 55 %, iOS is playing second muck around. On the other hand, HTML5 system is rapidly growing as a dark equine, with 37 % of designers opting to stick by this system.

Factors Creating a Popularity

There are a number of factors why Android operating system designers take over iOS increase terms of attraction to designers. One of the most essential factors is mass-adoption of Android-smartphones that are way less expensive than the latest iPhone editions – a fact that has considerably brought about the platform’s growth within a massive user-community globally. Android operating system devices control roughly 80 % of discuss of the marketplace, according to technical industry intellect company, ABI Analysis.

Adding to it is the low growth costs associated with this system, thanks to its 100 % free, open-source base. It also allows for the use of multi-source plug-ins and frameworks. Above all, the operation of app-submission is hassle-free with little or no limitations.


While several systems (and these include Windows, Mozila and Tizen among others) have lately appeared as remote competitors to the Android-iOS hegemony, the app-market procedure is just controlled by the speculation of the success of the fittest, which indicates that only covers are likely to be around, while the rest are ruined to suffer a slow loss of life. No wonder, Android operating system continues to be the first passion for thousands and maybe thousands of designers around the world, although earning cash out of these tools remain difficult (64 % of designers can’t create more than 500 cash per app per 30 days, while 25 % of all designers create nothing at all.)

However, the picture is not that despairing, as there is still way to generate income and that is out of business programs such as web posts. No wonder, 16 % of designers have the potential to earn over 5,000 cash per app per 30 days, and styles suggest that possibilities will grow in the future decades.

Android’s ever-growing existence in the international marketplaces has extended possibilities for professionals working on this Google-owned system. They can present their programs to a huge international viewers, especially in Japan, where the practice of in-app buys from free-to-download programs is accepted these days. These new age business owners are using this international visibility by presenting their programs beyond the US, with key focus on ‘localization’.

For businesses looking to create efficiency improving Android operating system app, it is significant to hire Android operating system designers with proven records in Android operating system app growth. Seek a technology partner that is ready to walk you through every stage of the growth procedure from suggestion to release and post release support.

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